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Presentation of constantly operating diversified exhibition of the Russian manufacturers to Lisbon (the Portuguese Republic).

From June 28th to July 1st 2011 «The association KAD-M» organized presentation of the multi industry constantly operating exhibition of the Russian manufacturers in Lisbon (the Portuguese Republic).

This project is organized under the support of the Ambassador and the Trade representative of the Russian Federation in the Portuguese Republic, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lisbon region, The Association of Businessmen of Lisbon Region «AERLIS», the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation are informed about this presentation.

It takes place in “Association of Entrepreneurs of Lisbon Region «AERLIS», Rua São Salvador da Baía Edificio AERLIS 2780-017 CEJRAS, Lisbon, Portugal (300 m ²). Then the exposition was transferred to a building of the trade and economic department of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Portugal where it functions on a permanent basis.

We invite export-oriented enterprises to take part in the given opportunity.

The conditions of participation: the necessary company information materials in English (exhibition breadboard models, product samples, video of presentation of services of the enterprise, banners, posters and booklets) must be provided.

Our employees will place all the given materials in corresponding sector of the exhibition, will render consulting services of a production of your enterprise and will prepare the report on the done work.

In the case of your personal interest to delegate your representative to the exhibition, «The Association of KAD-M» will provide you with the Trade Representative invitation of the Russian Federation in Portugal for the accelerating of the receiving procedure of the visa.

The representatives of the leading ministries and departments, business circles of Russia and Portugal took part in the forthcoming exhibition.

The address for exhibits sending: Nizhnaya Pervomayskaya St. 47, Moscow, Russia, 105203.


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