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General Information

Morocco is mainly agrarian country. The Moroccan economy is considered as rather liberal economy functioning on the basis of the law of supply and demand. Since 1993 the policy of privatization owing to what sectors of economy has passed some from the government in private hands here is spent.



40 % of population are occupied in agriculture, it gives 17,3 % of gross national product. The share of production of agriculture in export reach 25%. Grain, bean and a sugar beet occupy 80 % of the processed earths. Wheat (3 million), tomatoes (1,2 million), a potato (1,4 million) are grown up. Coastal waters of Morocco are rich with fish, thus 75 % of fish harvesting make sardines.



15 % of able-bodied population are occupied in the industry, it gives 37 % of gross national product.


Mining industry

The share of the mining industry in gross national product is 3 %. The main mineral of Morocco – phosphorites, which manufacture occupies the 3rd place in the world and the 1st place on their export. Manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc, barite are extracted.


Manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry share reaches 19 % of gross national product. There is assemblage of cars In Casablanca. The enterprises of the food-processing industry for conservation of fish and meat, flour-grinding factories operate. The textile industry is focused mainly on export (basically to the EU countries).



Tourism – very important article of incomes of Morocco, and also the main sphere of employment for Moroccans. Incomes of tourism in 2007 have made $7,55 billion In 2008 8 million tourists have visited the Kingdom. According to the ambitious program of the Moroccan government in 2010 10 million of tourists should visit the country already, and incomes of this branch will make about 20 % of gross national product. According to this program 600 000 new workplaces will be created.



  • Export: $15 billion
  • Export Articles: clothes, fish, phosphoresces
  • Partners in export: France of 21,1 %, Spain of 20,2 %, Great Britain of 4,8 %, Italy of 4,6 %, India of 4 %
  • Import: $20.96 billion
  • import Articles: oil, the telecommunication equipment, wheat, gas and an electricity
  • Partners in import: France of 17,6 %, Spain of 13,5 %, Saudi Arabia of 6,9 %, China of 6,9 %, Italy of 6,4 %, Germany of 6 %


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